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Turkey Mouth Calls

Due to the large number and changes to the mouth calls offered please link to Flambeau/MAD for full descriptions. All calls offered are available through Huntstuff.

MD-100 Highball $4.99
MD-102 "Shipp" Wreck $4.99
MD-104 MVP $4.99
MD-105 Poison $4.99
MD-111 "Shipp" Wreck 2 $4.99
MD-112 "V"enom $4.99
MD-113 "Hyper" Hen $4.99
MD-119 Highball 2 $4.99
MD-120 Poison 2 $4.99
MD-170 Billy Yargus "Deadly Touch" $7.49
MD-171 Billy Yargus "Final Touch" $7.49
MD-172 Billy Yargus "Soft Touch" $7.49
MD-173 Billy Yargus "Cut-N Touch" $7.49
MD-175 Billy Yargus "Eternal Touch" $7.49
MD-270 PreCise PreCision Cutter $5.99
MD-271 PreCise Tri Pak $16.99
MD-275 PreCise PreCision Plus $5.99
MD-280 PreCise Perfecta $5.99
MD-285 Mark Drury's MAD Man Cutter $5.99
MD-286 MAD Master Triple Triple Threat Tri Pak $16.99
MD-290 NWTF Grand Natl Ricky Joe Bishop Cut $5.99
MD-291 NWTF Grand Natl Matt Van Cise Cut $5.99
MD-292 NWTF Grand Natl Billy Yargus Cut $5.99
MD-293 NWTF Grand Natl Tri Pak $16.99

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