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The Smartstick Company
Goose Tree

Goose Tree
Flying Decoy System

The Goose Tree
. . . creates the illusion of a landing bunch of geese
. . . plays on the natural instinct of geese to follow birds flying up ahead
. . . provides motion and visibility for miles
. . . automatically flags incoming geese without revealing the hunter’s location
. . . flags continuously, particularly when hunters aren’t flagging, but should be
. . . swivels staying correctly oriented during wind shifts
. . . and so effective it replaces 2-3 dozen regular decoys.
Click the link to Smartstick to the left and see the videos and multiple reviews from hunters and pro-guides alike.... pretty impressive.

Goose Tree Canada - $299.99
Goose Tree Snow - $299.99
Goose Tree Blue - $299.99
Goose Tree White Front (Specklebelly) - $299.99

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