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The Smartstick Company
Smart Stick Decoy Holepunch

Smart StickDecoy Hole Punch

Display more field decoys faster. Smart Stick, ™ make perfect holes for all brands of decoys requiring ground stakes; silhouettes, wind socks, even flying decoys. Smart Sticks prevent mushrooming on conduit poles, installs quietly without hammering. A real hunter's tool whether you're looking for a secured gun rest or a mounting point for equipment including binoculars, cameras, flashlights, coffee bottles, or elevated decoys.

Smart Sticks work to make set-up time fun again. Decoy supports. The SmartStick™ provides a solid anchor point for holding several brands of flying decoys. The 5/8 inch steel punch along with the anchor points at each end of the arch provide 9 inches of depth and 3 points of contact to both support and elevate the most popular hovering decoys. Helping you to add another illusion in your spread, Smart Sticks will provide secure posts or start pilot holes for conduit poles.

Smartstick - $45.99

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