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Who Is Wildfowler Outfitter?

In 1950 a ten-year-old boy became a hunter on a cold, blustery day on Lake Hazel near Benson, Minnesota. This was his first duck hunt and he shot a full box of 410s at Canvasback, Blue Bills, and late season Mallards.

He did not hit a thing - not even one of his dad's decoys. In spite of the cold, snowy November day, his life would never be the same. Duck hunting and goose hunting became a life-long passion.

For Christmas that year he received his first shotgun. It was an Inver Johnson 20-gauge single shot. Two years later he upgraded to a 16-gauge Ithaca pump. This gun and a dozen magnum mallard and 18 canvasback decoys were purchased from his paper route. A duck boat was built in his wood shop as a project. It was made out of marine plywood and it took three men and a boy to lift it; especially after it had been in the water.

Concealment in those days consisted of brown clothing and any natural cover you could find. We built a variety of boat blinds (some actually worked) and always had a bale of marsh grass to cover up with in the boat. The Korean War finally made some camo available that could be purchased at the local sporting goods store.

In the 1970s, camouflage clothing became readily available and somewhat affordable. At this time, we also began hunting in fields and found that blinds and camo were especially critical for late season ducks and geese. Local Canada geese were beginning to become abundant and were eventually to become a nuisance to some. Personally, I find that hard to believe considering I had to wait 34 years to shoot my first giant Canada goose.

In 1998 I left a career with a major corporation in Minneapolis to found WILDFOWLER OUTFITTER. I started out building a Goose Decoy Blind, and after several hunts it became apparent to me that a lightweight camouflage parka and pants were needed to hunt out of this type of blind. So, I began to make Cover Up Suits in Fall Flight and Shadow Grass.

Soon a Layout Blind was added to the product line, along with a few more patterns in the Cover Up Suit. In the spring of 2003 we moved our production facilities and expanded our manufacturing capabilities. We made improvements to our existing lines and added additional products, including an exciting line of Waterproof Cover Up Suits.

Today, we offer a complete family of Hunting Blinds, Blind Accessories, and Camouflage Clothing. We are known as "the concealment specialists" and continue to provide the waterfowl hunter with the best concealment products for the best value. That was my goal when Wildfowler Outfitter began, and it will continue to be our guide as we move into the future.

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