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Camoflage and Concealment

Concealment Blankets


Allows total concealment in a variety of fields!
3D Camo outperforms conventional camo patterns.
Leafy Ghillie-style mimics a harvested Golden Grain (A) , Chisel-Plowed (B) or Snow Covered (C) field.
Low-profile polyester and burlap.
Sewn-in vegetation straps for adding natural cover.
Effective with or without a blind.
No shadows. Works great on wary, hard hunted birds.
Dimensions: 7 Ft. L x 4.5 Ft. W
Weight: 3.7 Lbs.

#401148 - BT Blanket - Chisel Plowed Field - $79.99

#401149 - BT Blanket - Golden Grain - $79.99

#401189 - BT Blanket - Snow Cover - $79.99
Plus shipping

Ghillie Bundles

Indestructible, all natural raffia with exclusive nylon. Clip-on hook allows for fast and easy installation. Bundles can be painted to match any application. 10 Bundles per package (will cover approx. 20 Square Feet).

#400160 - Ghille Bundle Green - $24.99

#400159 - Ghille Bundle Natural - $24.99
Plus shipping

Ghillie Mats

Over 1,200 strands per mat, hand-tied on rugged net backing. Won't crack or tear like palms. Easily wraps around corners and conforms to any shape. Can be dyed or painted for any application. Includes 3 clip-on hooks per mat. One mat covers approximately 20 Square Feet.

#400161 - Ghille Grass Mat Green - $44.99

#400162 - Ghille Grass Mat Natural - $44.99
Plus shipping

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