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Selections: Boats and Sneakboats

Custom Aluminum Flat-Bottom Boats:
At Beavertail we build custom boats for the hardcore hunter and fisherman. We have the toughest, most thought out designs to ever hit the water. No compromises. No shortcuts. No excuses. These days, few products stand out as the real, genuine article like Beavertail.

Sneak Boats:
Water's where the birds are (fish too!). To get birds, you've got to be able to get to the birds. Our sneak boats do the job! Constructed from 100% custom compounded polyethylene, they're built to take abuse, without taking on water. And with their unmatched stability, we proudly blow away the competition!.

400238 Marsh Brown - $369.99 MAP

Stealth 1200
400083 Marsh Brown - $729.99 MAP

Stealth 2000
400091 Marsh Brown - $949.99 MAP

Final Attack
400151 Marsh Brown - $469.99 MAP

You may have noticed the "MAP" price declaration recently added. Beavertail encourages retailers to adhere to the minimum advertised pricing shown. You have probably aready determined the total price must consider the shipping, often significant with these larger heavier items, which often require truck transfer. Please call for that "total price". We will try to become the best total value for your dollar.

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