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Based out of Torrance, California, USA, Dogtra Company produces the world's finest e-collars. Dogtra's focus is on offering user-friendly e-collars that are designed for the most demanding training conditions. Dogtra offers a complete line of e-collars from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units as well as K-9 Police work.
Dogtra is a proud member of ECMA (Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association), and PETT (Partnership for Electronic Training Technology). All of our factories are certified ISO 14001 - Environmental Management, and ISO 9001 - Quality Management standards.

With a focus on durability and cutting-edge technology, Dogtra offers a full line of training collars and related dog training accessories from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units and bird control devices.

Remote Trainers

Remote E collar training is one of the most effective ways to get your dog to do what you want, whether that means corrective negative behavior or performing in complex roles like as a service dog or in dog shows. Dogtra’s remote dog training collar line features a range of different collars that can provide a variety of stimulus to your dog to help reinforce your training message, whatever it is.

Remote Training Beeper

The remote training beeper is one of the most effective, useful, and versatile tools in our range of electronic collars for use in real hunting simulations. A Dogtra remote dog training collar is already a powerful training tool that enables you to send clear signals of positive and negative reinforcement to your dog-in-training. Remote training beepers give you the added flexibility of taking your training into the field and allowing you to maintain contact of your dog even when you can’t see him thanks to the beeping.

No Bark Collars

The Dogtra no bark collars are top of the line and guaranteed to be customizable enough to suit every situation.

Bird Launcher

Hunting is the truest way to be out in nature. That’s why hunting has been an American pastime since before our country was founded. When your dogs have experienced a Dogtra E collar training regimen, they’ll be your best companions out in the wilderness. Our E-Collars are designed and developed specifically with Hunter’s needs in mind. That’s why our collars are time and time again the most-trusted brand of Electronic Dog Collars on the market.
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Remote Release

It’s time to train your dog to get used to the chaos of an uncontrolled hunting environment. The RR Deluxe is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with other Dogtra training products to turn your dog into a calm, cool, and collected hunting companion. The RR has a range of up to a mile, and can be paired with up to 16 other receivers to help your dog become prepared. It’s time you visited our store to see how Dogtra can help your training experience today.


When bringing a new dog to the household, it’s key that it knows its limits. Dogtra offers the easiest and quickest way to train your dog to the ways of your home with their large selection of electronic collars. Our e-collars combine sophisticated technology with durability so your new pet can still enjoy the fun rough and tumble playtime with your family while still being aware of what is allowed and what isn’t.

Product Standard Features:

User-Friendly Controls
Controls on the Dogtra training collars are designed so that any dog owner can operate them - no pre-programming needed.

Variable-Intensity Control
Unique to all Dogtra training collars is the patented rheostat variable intensity control. Because the units do not have any preprogrammed levels of stimulation, the Dogtra training collars can be dialed to an ultra-low setting for super sensitive dogs or be progressively increased based on the situation or dog's personality. All Dogtra training collars come standard with nick (momentary) and continuous stimulation features.

Pager/Vibration Mode standard on all NCP models
Another feature that sets Dogtra apart from the competition is our patented non-stimulating pager/vibration mode. This feature can be used as a non-electrical stimulation warning or as positive reinforcement for desired behavior. The Pager/vibration mode is available on all our NCP units. (The 'P' at the end of the model number indicates it has the Pager feature.)

Each product page has individual feature list as well a link to the manual.

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