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eF-3000 Containment Fence 1-dog

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eF-3000 Gold Containment Fence System
When bringing a new dog to the household, it’s key that it knows its limits. Dogtra offers the easiest and quickest way to train your dog to the ways of your home with their large selection of electronic collars. Our e-collars combine sophisticated technology with durability so your new pet can still enjoy the fun rough and tumble playtime with your family while still being aware of what is allowed and what isn’t.

One Black collar (RCVR) included. Discussion below.
$248.99 (free shipping applies)


eF-3000 - 2 dog - $368.99

eF-3000 Manual

Sometimes, boundaries literally have to be placed in your yard, so your new pet will learn the safe zone it can roam in. Electronic fences are the best training tool to keep your dog safe from running into the street without having to build an unsightly fence. Our eF-3000 Gold offers the optimal way to teach your dog its own personal borders.

Install the eF-3000 Gold yard containment system on your property with ease, and be amazed how configurable it is. With a range of up to 40 acres, a sleep mode that saves battery life when your dog is playing in the yard, and five different stimulation levels to fit your dog’s temperament, the eF-3000 Gold is the premier electronic boundary on the market. The stimulation feature even sends a vibrating page to your pooch when it approaches the boundaries, so it can quickly return to the established fence, organically learning the borders without a correctional stimulation necessary.

It’s time that you took charge of your dog’s obedience training, so set your boundaries today and order your eF-3000 Gold here.

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