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Service/K-9 Dogs

Low/High Outputs

Edge Series
Up to 4 dogs
1 Mile Range
Medium to Large Dogs

3500NCP Series
Extreme Training
1 Mile Range
Medium to Large Dogs

2300NCP Series
Advanced Level
3/4 Mile Range
Mild-Mannered or Stubborn

SurStim H Plus Series
Up to 2 Dogs
1/2 Mile Range
Medium to Large Dogs

1900NCP Series
Entry level
1/2 Mile Range
Large to Stubborn Dogs
Low/Medium Outputs

SureStim M Plus
Up to 2 Dogs
1/2 Mile Range
Small to Medium Dogs

280NCP Series
Multiple Stimulation Types
1/2 Mile Range
Small to Mild-Mannered Dogs

Element 300M Series
Entry Level
1/2 Mile Range
House Pets & Mild Breeds
Remote E collar training is one of the most effective ways to get your dog to do what you want, whether that means corrective negative behavior or performing in complex roles like as a service dog or in dog shows. Dogtra’s remote dog training collar line features a range of different collars that can provide a variety of stimulus to your dog to help reinforce your training message, whatever it is.
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