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Water Moccasin Slipcover

Water Moccasin

Blind Water Protector (Slip-Cover)

The perfect fit when hunting in standing water or wet conditions. The Water Moccasin™ simply slips over the bottom of all Eliminator™ Blinds for instant protection.

Another original design by Ron Latschaw
10” high of 100% waterproof welded PVC camouflage material provides coverage around lower perimeter of blind
Extra heavy-duty 100% waterproof Dry-Cell™ material on bottom
Eliminator™ blind can be collapsed, transported or stored while still wearing the Water Moccasin™

#434100 Water Moccasin - Advantage® Max 4™ $85.99 (discontinued-2 in stock)
#434195 Water Moccasin - MAX5 $86.99 (NEW 2014)

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