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Lucky Duck - 2014 Catalog

aka/formerly: Edge by Expedite Hunting products, manufactured and distributed by Expedite International, Inc. of Hudson, WI, are recognized as some of the most unique, innovative, and highest quality hunting/waterfowling products available on the market today.

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There are numerous videos and youtube demonstrations of equipment on their site. Visit. Link to the left just below the new logo brand identifier.

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And this directly from our Edge account representative:

Greetings from Lucky Duck Premium Decoys

Thank you for your interest in Lucky Duck. Attached is our 2013 pricing. If you are familiar with our product line you will notice the new look and branding of Lucky Duck - formerly EDGE by Expedite. 2013 is our year of transition as you will see the Lucky Duck brand placement on fresh packaging, print media, television, logo merchandise and social media. Not all things change….some things will stay the same; same folks at the office, same priority for customer service and same goal of providing a quality product for the hunter. Our quest since 1995 is to provide the best gear for our hunters. We started with waterfowl decoys and have continued to grow to include game bird, archery and predator categories.

The selections in our catalog some of which can be viewed on our website at have all been field tested to withstand the rigors of the hunt. Our motorized decoys - flapper and spinning wing decoys – all have the Duck Commander endorsement as they are their choice for motion decoys. Specifically, you will see the Duck Commander crew on the Lucky Junior and Super Pro Lucky Series packaging. On the predator front, we have partnered with The Verminator, Mr. Rick Paillet, who has helped develop proven designs for a successful hunt in decoys, electronic calls and mouth calls.

The Lucky Duck brand embraces and reflects the personality of the company and captures distinctive elements that will leave a powerful impression amidst the hunting market. We are very excited to share this with you! To those of you that are current customers - we appreciate your business! For those of you that are new to Lucky Duck – welcome to a fresh lifestyle brand with heart and experience!

2014 is the year of "update" as we shift all web activity on Huntstuff site to Lucky Duck and all the new "stuff". Thanks for returning!!
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