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Floating Spinner Decoy - HW7101 HW7102

Floater/Spinner Decoy - HW7101 HW7102

Enjoy the trouble free, quiet operation of the famous MOJO direct drive concept (no pulleys, belts or gears) in a floating motorized decoy that creates an extremely life-like appearance and requires no support pole.

Now you can hunt in any depth of water without additional pole lengths or separate floating supports.

Includes a dual shaft direct drive 6-volt motor mounted in a conventional decoy body with large corrugated pvc wings connected directly to the motor shafts by precision milled aluminum wing shafts.

The entire decoy floats on a special bladder that rides on the water surface. Anchor with a weighted decoy string or tie to bush, weed, etc.

The Floater MOJO will move around with lifelike action by the slightest breeze and will always turn into the wind.

Operates over 18 hours from a single 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger (included). Battery is mounted in a metal battery clip inside the decoy body. Comes equipped with external on/off switch.

#HW7101 - Drake Mallard - $99.99
#HW7102 - Bluebill - $99.99

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