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LSP Webfoot - "Real-Geese"
Confidence Cow Blind
LSP Webfoot



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WFCC1 Confidence Cow Silhouette

It has been well documented that there's no better way for approaching unsuspecting waterfowl than from behind a cow.

Real-Geese's Confidence Cow Blind/Decoy has been designed to perform three specific functions:

As a "sneak cow" for approaching large flocks of snow geese, other unsuspecting waterfowl, turkey and big game.

As a Confidence Decoy for enticing waterfowl, turkey and big game closer to you when hunting from a blind ( stake/legs required).

As a stationary blind for hiding behind in sparsely covered agricultural areas (stake/legs required).
Includes: Cow Decoy Body, Horizontal Frame with Grip and Hardware.

Cow EZ Stake Leg Kit

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CC-EZS08 Confidence Cow EZ Stake Leg Kit

The EZ Stake Kit is an optional accessory that allows for “hands free” use of our Confidence Cow. The kit is supplied with the necessary hardware to make the Cow a free-standing unit. The extra Legs and EZ Stakes allow the Cow to be instantly stuck in the ground to allow it to be used as a blind or for when it’s necessary to have your hands available for the “shot”.