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LSP Webfoot - "Real-Geese"
Decoy Hole Punches
LSP Webfoot


Stake Hole Punch

plus shipping
3 lbs.

WF200 Stake Hole Punch

Our silhouette decoy stake hole punch is designed to be used in hard or lightly frozen ground. By holding the “T” handle and stepping on the foot peg, a stake-sized hole is produced. The simple design allows for quick decoy placement by producing a hole that is the proper width and depth for goose & duck silhouette decoys.

Manufactured from carbon steel, it will withstand a lifetime of field use. This product has been considered “standard issue” for our Pro Staff and Goose Hunters across the country.

Slide Hammer Punch

plus shipping
9 lbs.

WF250 Slide Hammer Silhouette Stake Hole Punch

Designed for producing a hole in hard ground, frozen ground, or through ice. This stake hole punch will be used for hunting decoys that need a stake system for support. The design consists of a self contained unit with two separate parts. The first, (Part A), made of a hardened steel is sharpened at one end to a sharp point. The second, (Part B), is a steel tube or pipe that houses the first and is used in an up and down hammering motion to drive the sharpened end of Part A into the chosen media.

Part A will be housed such that it cannot be removed from Part B. Part A will slide in an up and down “piston” motion within Part B, with designed limitations in travel. Part A will be approximately 3/4” in width and 24” to 31” in length. Part B will be approximately 30” to 40” in length. When housed in Part B, the pointed end of Part A will protrude out 6 1/2” longer than Part B. A sheath system has been designed to cover that length. The entire length of the hole punch will be between 36” and 47”.

Part B will have two holes, top and bottom. These will serve two main purposes, to act as a lubrication port for Part A and to allow any water to escape.

Part B will be used as a “ram” that will drive Part A into the hard surface. It will be sufficiently heavy to perform this driving motion. There is a “stop” installed inside Part B that will act as a hammer on the top of Part A. To use: The pointed end of Part A will be placed where a hole is desired. Part B will be slid in an up and down motion causing a hammering effect on Part A, therefore driving it into the hard surface. When the desired depth is reached, the “stop” on Part B will be flush with the surface. At that time, Part A can be removed and work on the next hole can begin.