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LSP Webfoot - "Real-Geese"
Mag Lite original Canada Goose Silhouette

"the original"
Mag-Lite 3D Canada Goose
Silhouette Decoys

Mag Lite 3D - 1-5 Dozen
$112.99, plus shipping
6+ Dozen
$109.99, plus shipping
revised 1.2.2019

Artwork that is more dramatic than nature itself, the highest quality materials, and most advanced production methods coupled with consistent exceptional performance, durability, and reliability have blended together to make Real-Geese™ Magnum-Lite 3-D™ silhouette Canada decoys a virtual legend in their own time.

The Canada silhouette decoys that started it all. These decoys have stood withstood "test of time" to become a virtual legend in goose fields across North America. We start with detail enhanced artwork that is more dramatic than nature itself, combined with the highest quality materials and the most advanced production methods to produce a decoy that offers consistent performance and exceptional durability.

Each dozen has 12 separate/distinctive poses with the correct blend of active/feeders and uprights. We use wood stakes that is stronger than steel by weight and offers a higher resistance to cold weather than plastic. These are custom painted so that they blend into the decoy, but also look like legs that avoid the look of your decoys "floating" in a field.

Their size is approximately 15% larger than a 12 pound Honker and the weigh only 9 pounds per dozen.

LSP Webfoot