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LSP Webfoot - "Real-Geese"
Pro II Series Mallard Ducks
LSP Webfoot


Pro II Series - 1 Dozen
$99.99 plus shipping
4 Dz or more $96.99
plus shipping

Extreme Mallard Pro II
Silhouette Decoys

One glance and you’ll know that the Real Mallards are destined to be in hunting rigs for years to come. Drawing on our years of field and manufacturing experience and the input of other waterfowl hunters, we loaded every feature we could think of into a 7 pound package of silhouette awesomeness. Making them Pro Series II means our patented non-reflective surface is on both sides of the decoy. Totally new artwork and with 12 different poses, they are sized 30% larger than our old Mallard decoys.

For better field visibility and realism they are packaged with 7 Drakes and 5 Hens per dozen. Of course, our color matched stakes are included.

True-to-life colors and feather detail are matched with our patented non-reflective Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. Each dozen uses our color matched stakes and contains six different postures. Sized to look in proportion with your decoy spread, yet large enough to attract the attention of the most wary birds.
Just one shining decoy can ruin a hunt. Our new Real-Geese™ Pro Series decoys have eliminated all possibility of light reflection with a patent pending,
non-glare, textured surface that actually absorbs sunlight instead of reflecting it, for a stunningly realistic appearance on bright, clear days. Many changes have gone into the development of these new Pro Series II decoys including the most lifelike color ever. Get your hands on some Pro Series II; feel the difference and become consistently successful, just like the pros!