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LSP Webfoot - "Real-Geese"
Pro Series Sittin Canada Geese
LSP Webfoot


Canada Goose Sit'n
Silhouette Decoys

Pro Series - Half Dozen
$74.99 plus shipping

L.S.P. Webfoot is introducing six new profiles to our Pro Series line of Silhouette Decoys. Named the Sit’n Geese, these decoys will feature new dimensions to simulate resting or feeding members of the flock.  The Sit’n Geese will be comparable in size and construction to the Magnum-Lite 3D series while utilizing the same patent-pending textured, non-reflective process that was introduced to the Real Geese Pro II Series line last season.  Suited for use in the field, snow, around water, or late morning shoots, Sit’n Geese will be your edge in Cold Weather.  Sit’n Geese silhouettes will be offered in Canada goose. Sold in 1/2 dozens, these decoys will compliment your existing decoy spread.