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Incorporated in fall of 1997 as Huntstuff, Inc. a Virginia Corporation with home office in Chesapeake, Virginia. Our intent is to provide products and services to the outdoor lovers, and especially the hunting community. Our aspirations outweigh our other means and it will take time. It's not even full time at this point. But then why the hurry? We have experienced a growing daily visitation from around the world. In December '97 our statistics showed over 15,000 hits from about 20 nations. We were tickled. The summer season is coming fast and we will attempt to put up those items shortly. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon we hope!

July 1998 saw over 26,000 hits from 28 countries, thanks out there in cyberland.

1998 was one for the books, December saw over 48,000 documented hits from 48 countries, years total approaching 300,000 visits. I guess we need to consider an IPO and just go public as the new sweetheart Internet commerce site. Just kidding I think. If you're interested in that give me a call.

Summer......1999 is continuing..we started Huntstuff Guideservice which ran a few trips to the Eastern Shore of Virginia which were all very successful. We have begun to book the 99/00 season and general sales are also up. We continue to do a good business with Hodgman, Innotek and look forward to Dogtra as another major portion of business. Final Approach is settling in and hopefully will contribute as well. We are participating in an experimental Real Geese product this fall with Huntstuff Guideservice and expect to offer the "PRO" model next season if it performs as expected. Darryl is excited about this one.

Fall.....99. Trip to Saskatchewan was great..Got to visit and hunt with one of our advertisers, Midwest Outfitters. Final Approach got a workout and tried a new product called "Smart Stick" used for punching silouette holes...thats a winner!! The video pictorial will be up when we get a minute. New video camera Sony TVR-900 is awesome. Look for some Huntstuff Video sometime soon. Booking hunts for the Winter now. The Real Geese silouettes are KILLER! No pun intended...well maybe....but they really work great. We will be back there with Paul next year.

Winter....99/00...Y2K has pased and somehow we survived? New look to the updated homepage...New department selections coming for Hodgman. New lines adding almost daily it seems. Truemotion decoys, Chrono products. A new line of motion and silhouettes which could be really cool....out soon. New movies thanks to Apple's new iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Meta Tags being updated with each new look and revision...get higher listings in the search engines. Sales are UP! Bookings at Huntstuff Guideservice are UP! International orders are UP! Almost 56K hits in December 1999. Thanks to all of you.

2000...The New Millenium is here. Hodgman stock rolling in. Hodgman updated pages and newly styled pricing menus being posted. A number of new products and companies recently onboard. Yahoo search results rising to the top for many titles, subjects, and suppliers.

Summers almost here. Lots of new stuff on the site and lts more coming soon. Considering change to secure server and automatic purchase service. We will keep it in house and enable the personal decision and service so many have become used to. We are now advertising in WIldfowl and Gun Dog. If that helps we will be into more and more print specialty magazines. Thanks to everyone and we look forward to this FALL and "the SEASON" again. Putting in a few more blinds up on the shore to accomodate those coming east for the different style of hunt we offer. Those West Virginia guys shot seven boxes in 45 minutes...that's frantic and fun!

June 00.....Dogtra proves to be a real winner. Most of the line has been released, the trainers are beginning to notice, the prices reflect incredible value...not 1 return for any reason. Great product. Determined that our ISP can offer a modified shipping cart which simply responds to your requests and we pick it up with a browser once or twice a day. No automated card processing which can really get stupid if backorders or other questions get in the way. We would process the card only if shipping immediatly....or call you first for any sort of confirmation which is so very common with the products (and services) offered. No hurry as most of you seem to prefer to talk to a real person anyway...and thats our specialty. Customer Service is #1. Mossy Oak coming this month along with Avery and a couple of surprises in the motion decoy area. New stuff youve not seen out there before...exclusivly from Huntstuff by popular demand. Hope to see you in early October in Saskatchewan...all for now.

01/01/01 What a fall season. You are beginning to find us. Right at 100,000 hits per month regularly now. Christmas rush was almost silly but all shipments went least all under our direct control. Hodgman got a little behind right at the end but that's retailing. Dropped a few lines that didn't prove out....Picked up a couple more that look real good for 2001...We will be bringing them to you soon. More dog training stuff this year to round out that entire offering. Two weeks in Canada in 2001. That's without doubt the best anywhere. New look and selection process for many of the featured manufacturers using color coded standard rush at all on shopping carts....most of you want to talk about it...and availability can be a situation to discuss as well. Thanks, and we look forward to serving you in 2001 with better products and service.

July 2002 and the wheel is turning...the engine has started and we anticipate an incredible fall/winter seaon. 5 years now with a bunch of repeat customers both at the store and for Huntstuff Guideservice. More quality vendors each season and hopefully the best values for you our customers. Actually have access to a number of products not shown/listed through some of the wholesale if you don't see it...CALL...we can probably get it or at least send you to one of the better retailers who does have it. Sure they may be a competitor sometimes...but it all comes out in the wash. Amazing the number of sent customers from Cabela's and others

August 2005 just keepin on keepin on. Built a new home last season and didn't have a chance to hunt much after guiding to speak of. Lookout this season...full bore...lets go!! Lots of new opportunities for Huntstuff Guideservice. See you soon.

July 2007 onward... complete redesign of entire site and addition of new suppliers and Greenhead Gear is back through a neat deal with an associate. More stock onhand and the same great service our customers are getting used to. Shoot more - Shoot more often.

August 2008 upward... the redesign is paying off. In spite of the recession we have done more business so far this year than in entire previous years... and our traditional season is just beginning. Thanks out there you are the reason. Maybe good service has a bit to do with it as well as we see so many returning names. Special thanks to you as well. Shoot more - Shoot more often.

June 2014 movin on....Been a while with no news eh? Closed our other full time business which means more time for Huntstuff. Rather complete redesign underway on the site. Included Captcha code (spam blocker) inputs and Secure Socket data transfer for the Order Form. No shopping carts - to many changes to quickly for all the hassle and cost. Lots of new. New products with all the company consolidations. Some gone as policies change (Flambeau decided Kenco feeders just weren't right and that line folded), or the buyout company policies don't fit (Rapala bough Otter Ice Fishing gear-no drop ship). Some all brand new as well with startup like Feet Down Designs and the like. We will do our best to bring em to ya with the value you have come to expect... Shoot more - Shoot more often.

Spring 2016. Fully retired from the "other business" and ready to move on with Huntstuff. More suppliers, even better service, movin on up!

Spring 2019. Downsized and moved us and the business to a new address in same city, Chesapeake Virginia. Special attention now to KENT and IOS which has the subsidiaries BEAVRTAIL and OTTER OUTDOORS. Many of the others have been bought out and did not continue to support small business efforts ,will not dropship or have other requirements. So here we are and onward... Same great service and attention to detail. Thanks to all our regular customers. Oh, due to my age and other factors the Guideservice is formally discontinued.

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